No Macarena was amazing! Our DJ was Joe Pizzio and he was incredible from beginning to end. Me and my husband started making couple of long playlists months before the wedding. we gather all the songs that we really loved and the ones we had good memories with growing up: for dancing, slow dancing, reception, happy hour … We gave Joe those lists a week before the wedding. He was so great at receiving that huge list. I am Iranian and mu husband is American so there was a lot of International music there as well. Joe actually owned most of the music I sent him! He has a huge collection of diverse musics. we talked on the phone about what we really didn’t want and what we did want and he was so great at listening to all our needs and helping us through. On the day of wedding, he showed up dressed in a beautiful suit although it was a verrry hot day in September. He was absolutely professional. He played everything as it was planned. He had a great sense on seemlessly mixing all these different genres that we have given him. Everyone was on the dance floor having fun. He could feel the energy so well. He coordinated with the caterers and the photographer for every single detail that was needed in the back. We didn’t really want a loud DJ and Joe absolutely respected our wish. I would work with him again and again. Thank you so much for your incredible service!