“We wanted a great dance party where all of our guests would have a great time, and that’s exactly what we got. All communication with Kim was punctual, friendly and professional, and she was able to adeptly incorporate all (seriously, all) of our song requests, even the ones that were somewhat obscure or unusual.  Even though I was the bride and probably should have been visiting with guests more throughout the night, I was on the dance floor all night instead. ‘No Macarena’ truly made our wedding special to us and a ton of fun for our guests – we highly recommend Kim and her team to anyone in the Philly area looking for a DJ.”

Caitlin & Steven

“Originally my husband and I were going to DIY our music and have a Spotify playlist. One week before our wedding my husband freaked out and said ‘wait, who’s going to manage this???’ We looked around for a DJ that could book last minute, wouldn’t cost as much as the hall, and would do the job RIGHT. ‘No Macarena’ accommodated all of our needs and did a fantastic job. Darrel, our DJ, used our playlist as a template fitting in more songs, songs I would have never thought of and most importantly kept the night flowing without anyone at the wedding having to deal with our playlist. Not to mention, as the name suggests, there was no Macarena anywhere in the night!”

Natalie & Christian

“At a typical wedding, the music hits and misses with a few solid dance songs that get people out there, a few groaners that people begrudgingly dance to and some ‘huh?’ songs that people use as an excuse to nibble their dessert or grab another drink. At our wedding, it was non-stop dancing and fun. So many of our guests remarked how our set list was incredible.”

Missy & Tim

“In 2003, I was at a wedding and heard a Bjork song during the cocktail hour and thought, ‘Wow, who is this DJ!?’ I went to the DJ table and took the business card. It was No Macarena and I was 19 years old. So, I didn’t really shop around for a wedding DJ. My husband and I shared a playlist so she could get a read on us, and she wound up playing a lot of it, which was great. We had entertained the idea of just using that playlist on an iPod and foregoing having a DJ, but we’re so glad we had Kim there to keep the party going. The price was very reasonable, and we were so happy with the whole event.”

Mallory & Mike

“We had such a good feeling about Kim from our first meeting, and she did not disappoint. She took our playlist and ran with it. No flash, just good music, and that’s exactly what we wanted. We kept saying, Kim just ‘gets it’! Our dance floor was packed all night!”

Alli & Chris

“No Macarena was just amazing and went above and beyond.  My fiancee was a little skeptical when I told him we are hiring a DJ as he hates the music taste some DJs have. In fact, he even brought his laptop in case. Quoting my fiancee: ‘I freaking loved the DJ, he was great and I take back everything I said about hiring a DJ for our wedding’.”

Lien & Michael

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