We initially thought we’d do our music ourselves, but when it became clear we weren’t prepared to do that, we contacted No Macarena just a couple of weeks before our December wedding. They moved quickly and set up a time to discuss by phone what we had in mind for our wedding. They asked all the right questions and thought of details that never would have occurred to us.

We had asked our guests who RSVPed through the website to name a song that would get them dancing. We gave our DJ, Josh, this rather eclectic list along with a considerable list of our own requests, including a number of foreign language songs (Italian) that I’m sure were not part of his usual lineup. He honored them all and did an excellent job of choosing other songs based on our tastes, reading the room and taking us seamlessly through different musical styles. Everyone from the disco-loving aunts to the Miami Reggaeton-fan cousins danced, and even my music snob friends commented on how much they liked the music.

Mary Migliozzi