In 2003 I was at a wedding and heard a Bjork song during the cocktail hour and thought, “Wow, who is this DJ!?” I went to the DJ table and took the business card. It was No Macarena and I was 19 years old. Ten years later, my best friend got married and the DJ was really on the mark, so I asked my friend who the DJ was and she said No Macarena! So I didn’t really shop around for a wedding DJ. My husband and I had had fun making a playlist of music we thought would be fun to hear at a wedding. I shared it with Kim so that she could get a read on us, and she wound up playing a lot of it, which was great. We had entertained the idea of just using that playlist on an iPod and foregoing having a DJ, but we’re so glad we had Kim there to keep the party going. The price was very reasonable, and we were so happy with the whole event.