We are SO happy that we decided on No Macarena as our DJ. They are exactly the type of DJ we were looking for. We were just a little nervous not knowing which DJ would be assigned to us. So we were set up with Evan and he agreed to meet with us before we made our decision. As soon as he walked into Starbucks I knew he was the DJ for us. He was so so nice, genuine, engaging, and interesting. We spent over an hour just talking and laughing with him. I booked No Macarena that day and I told my husband I would be heartbroken if something happened and we ended up with another DJ. Well everything went perfectly and Evan was there for our day. He did an amazing job and had everyone dancing. He even found a Nicaraguan song that my cousins needed to do a traditional Nicaraguan dance. He understood our eclectic taste of music and played all types of music that we loved and kept the guest on the dance floor. He is fun, talented, professional and such a nice guy.