D.J. Jonas from No Macarena D.J.ed our wedding on March 31, 2012. My husband and I have been to several weddings where, despite instructions otherwise, D.J.s will begin to play cheesy music totally out of sync with the couples style. We were hoping to avoid that.

Prior to the wedding we submitted a list of songs we liked to D.J. Jonas. He called us and provided really good feedback on the list. He understand our taste in music and made a few good suggestions on songs we could add that would cater to some of our older guests.

At the wedding, D.J. Jonas was great. He really took charge of organizing our fairly large wedding party for introductions and stuck to playing the music he requested. The day after the wedding, one of our guests complained that D.J. Jonas, despite taking some requests from guests, refused to play the Kelly Clarkson song she requested. That is when I truly realized D.J. Jonas’s value! I am so glad he stuck to our tastes and refused to play that song. He’s great