I’ll admit that what piqued my interest in No Macarena first was the excellent name. As soon as my now-husband and I spoke to Kim, though, we realized that the name was far from the only fantastic thing about the company. The whole ethos of helping to pick our own music was brilliant (and a blast for my music-loving husband). Even more brilliant? Joe, our DJ, who was such fun to talk to that I’m pretty sure we all gabbed for an hour each time he called to check in, and who worked flawlessly with our suggestions to create the perfect soundtrack to the whole day. He also had a mic ready to go when I lost my voice and needed help croaking my way through my vows, rolled with requests to rearrange songs on the spur of the moment, and emcee’d exactly the moments that needed managing without ever being intrusive. We lucked out beyond measure with Joe and No Macarena; I’d recommend both in a heartbeat!


Elizabeth Zuckerman