We love music, No Macarena loves music…GOOD music. We and our guests had the best time at our wedding…our dance floor was packed with all ages of guests the whole night. It makes your night when you see your guests having such a blast and making memories and talking about it for days/weeks/etc to come.

We chose No Macarena after seeing them at a friend’s wedding. We wanted good music, not the electric slide or any of that stuff. While we know those kinds of songs DO have a place at a wedding, it didn’t fit ours. No Macarena fit us and our wedding. Kim is very down to earth and very straight forward, which makes things easier when you are wedding planning. There are so many moving parts to a wedding, it’s nice to have a very easy, smooth part!

They ask the right questions and do exactly what you want. It’s important to let them know of any additional announcement you want prior to the wedding day. While they do all the annoucning that happens at a wedding, they spend their time playing music, not so much on the mic, which is great. So if there are any extras or important things, think of them before the day!

I believe we loved every single song that was played. During dinner it was all about Norah Jones, LAdy Antebellum, the Temper Trap, Van Morrison and then dancing was a cross between Saturday Night Fever meets Dirty Dancing and then of course the likes of Journey, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye. It was a perfectly crafted mix.