No Macarena provided such value for their price that I almost feel like we robbed them! They came highly recommended from a co-worker as a DJ that wouldn’t take over the wedding and play cheesy line dances, (unless you really want them to! ). I communicated with Kim leading up to the event, and she has things down to science. It was easy as pie to contract and keep organized. We were assigned Dave Beck who reviewed our son picks and then spent 20 minutes with me on the phone testing out what I thought about other like songs/styles. The day of, he was on time, professional and approachable. The music was everything we asked for and many crowd favorites that we wouldn’t have thought of. He had everyone dancing without a hint of cheese or wedding cliche. And you know the DJ killed it, when, after the last song, the crowd on the dance floor begins to chant, “One more song!”