We hired “No Macarena” DJ & Custom Music Service for our recent wedding, and we could not have had a better experience. Our wedding planner (an alum from the live music production industry) recommended Kim at “No Macarena” to us, and we were so happy with her services. After all the more traditional wedding elements, we wanted a great dance party where all of our guests would have a great time, and that’s exactly what we got. All communication with Kim was punctual, friendly and professional, and she was able to adeptly incorporate all (seriously, all) of our song requests, even the ones that were somewhat obscure or unusual. She took the time to have a detailed conversation with us ahead of time to clarify the genres of music we were going for, and she made sure to discuss any specific song requests that needed a place in the flow of the dancing. We landed on a mix of ’70s disco and ’80s-’90s hip hop, with some current dance hits mixed in, based on the age ranges of our guests and our preferences. She nailed this mixture perfectly and every song had a combination of the younger and older guests all dancing and singing along. She avoided all the stereotypical wedding songs we thought were overplayed, and of course avoided all the line dancing songs we didn’t want, too. Even though I was the bride and probably should have been visiting with guests more throughout the night, I was on the dance floor all night instead. I couldn’t get over the song selection and how she knew to play certain songs that we hadn’t even necessarily discussed in our phone conversation, especially those that had personal meaning to us even if they weren’t necessarily crowd favorites. “No Macarena” truly made our wedding special to us and a ton of fun for our guests – we highly recommend Kim and her team to anyone in the Philly area looking for a DJ. We can’t thank you enough, Kim!