Our DJ did exactly as we asked, then had the good sense to switch it up when our playlist wasn’t working. They are professional, totally un-cheesy, sounded great and kept the party hopping! They’re relatively expensive, but worth it!  


We chose No Macarena because we wanted to hand pick our songs and Kim made that possible. Kim was great and played all the songs we asked for and a few surprises we enjoyed. Kim listened to our dislikes and did not play anything we would not want to hear. All of our...


We had Kim for our wedding, and she was absolutely fantastic. We gave her pretty much free reign (aside from a “no play” list) to play whatever she thought would work, and she did a great job keeping everyone dancing. I know No Macarena sells itself on...


My wedding ROCKED thanks to DJ Evan from No Macarena. He knew what to play, when to play it to get the crowd going and everyone was on the dance floor from dinner until the end of the night. He stuck to the playlist, talked minimally and when he did it only got the...


They did a great job! Our DJ took our suggestions and added in some choices of his own that really worked with our style. He was great at announcing everything and movie the night along.