Live Music

We offer live music in all the assortments needed to make your wedding day just perfect!

Full Five Piece Band – drums, keyboard, guitars, bass, vocalists.
– Can be configured in smaller groups


 Additional Musicians (meet them below) 
– Erin: the harpist
– Adam: keyboardist/pianist
– Anthony: drummer

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What We Offer for you

Live musicians have the ability to shift the atmosphere of a space to suit the occasion. They can infuse your wedding with a profound sense of elegance and refinement, particularly during the ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner.


Among our most sought-after performers are wedding harpists, string quartets, classical guitarists, solo vocalists, and acoustic pairs. If you’re looking for a more distinctive touch, you could opt for a solo saxophonist, a wedding violinist, or perhaps something with a jazzier flair.

Cocktail hour

Music is essential for every aspect of your wedding, but during the cocktail hour, it’s best to avoid overpowering tunes from a high-energy DJ or live band. However, the ambiance could be beautifully enhanced with the soothing sounds of a solo acoustic guitarist or a string quartet.


While soft background music is typically expected during this segment of the reception, more upbeat tunes can be played upon request. As for the main course, the band will pause their performance during dinner service, a common stipulation imposed by many reception venues while hot meals are being served.